Looking for a beautiful classic car to enhance your special day? We can help!

We are professional, fun, and full of ideas to help make your wedding day perfect – where VW’s are concerned of course – we leave the cake decorating to the experts!

We provide music on the iPod to whisk you to your location in style and of course a beautiful, vintage Picture Perfect VW that is guaranteed to turn heads on the way to the venue (or to the ceremony!).

We want to make our part of your wedding day absolutely perfect and we are open to creative ideas and special extras. Just ask!


  • "Just Married" Sticker

    We can provide you with a sticker or you can use your own. Just confirm that it’s made for cars!

  • Photos from our Photographer sent Next Day

    Professional wedding photographers spend weeks editing photos and bride’s maids are busy being a part of the wedding. We can take photos during our time together and have them sent to you the next day!